Monday, November 17, 2014

Wincon: Panels are awesome!

Q: Why should you go to Wincon?
 A: Because its panels are made of awesome and win.

One of the great things about Wincon are its panels. Each year Wincon holds open submissions for panel topics and then lets everyone vote on their favorite submissions, so that whatever ends up in the programming tracks are topics that the attendees really want to talk more about. Making a submission for a topic doesn't force you to be on that panel either - although volunteer panelist are encouraged, you can definitely submit ideas for panels that you want to see but don't necessarily want to be on. Some of the panels Wincon has had in the past include (but are not limited to!):

* Surviving the Apocalypse in Style
* Hotties in Space
* The Fastest Way to get SPN Fans to Throw Things at Each Other: A Discussion of Sexism and Misogyny in Supernatural
* Writing Good Erotica
* Girls, Girls, Girls: Femmeslash in Fandom
* Serial Killers in Popular Culture
* How Not to Be a Jerk Online
* Kinks Disney Gave Us
* More than Find and Replace: Making the Transition from Fanfic Star to Pro
* Women, People of Color, & LGBT Representation in Comics
* Keeping It in the Family (Incest)
* Podfic!: An Appreciation of Sounds and Readers

This is just a taste of the kind of topics you'll hear at Wincon. Most panels tend to be either Fandom-specific (Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Welcome to Night Vale, Doctor Who, Elementary, Hockey RPF, etc), Genre-specific (Vampires, Serial Killers, Apocalypse, etc.), Meta-specific (Sexism and Misogyny, Women, People of Color, & LGBT Representation, etc.), Theme-specific (Kinks, Incest, RPF, etc.), Internet/Geeky topics (Internet etiquette, podfic, manipping, vidding, etc.) and of course lots to do with fanfiction (writing help, betaing, running communities and challenges, turning pro, etc.).

And to top it all off, there's a few workshops and tutorials, like "How to sew Plushies" and "Make-up: How the Fuck Does it Work?"

Don't see anything so far that interests you? Buy a ticket for Wincon 2015 and make sure to submit your own ideas for panels to see there!

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