Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wincon 2015! Indiego - go - go!

What is Wincon exactly?
Wincon is a multi-fandom con that is super awesome and tons of fun! We’ve been going strong since 2006, visiting a different city every year and spreading the fandom love across the US.
We started out as a SPN con, but we’ve been multi-fandom since 2010. And we do mean multi-fandom. TV, movies, RPF, other … all fandoms are welcome!
We have great panels, round tables, and workshops, an amazing dance party we like to call Winprom, and, of course, super amazing fans in attendance!
Check out our website and fanlore page for more info on us and our history.

So what do you need?
We need your support! Do you love Wincon and want it to stick around? Never heard of Wincon before but it sounds pretty awesome? Come visit our Indiegogo page! Buy your 2015 registration and/or another awesome perk to help us meet our goal.
Here’s the bottom line. Unless we meet our goal and grow our con to about 250-300 attendees, Wincon just isn’t sustainable. We believe that Wincon is a unique con that’s worth preserving. We hope you do too.

Right, but what’s in it for me?
I’m so glad you asked, friend! We have some AH-MAZING perks for you if you help us out.
Obviously, you can purchase your registration in advance - with or without your prom ticket, with or without shiny extra swag. The choice is yours!
Some fantastic artists have contributed to our campaign as well.
Aggybird, Cathybites, Daunt, Ordinaryink, and Spaggel have each drawn a custom Wincon Hero. You can get their fantastic art as postcards, buttons, a poster, or all three!
We also have artists and creators offering commissions, special donations, and more! Check out our perks to see the details.

Basically Wincon is the greatest thing to ever happen. And you totally want to be a part of that. Right? Right!
So come on over to OUR INDIEGOGO PAGE and get involved today!
And please, please, PLEASE spread the word!

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