Saturday, January 3, 2015

Less than two days left to keep Wincon alive! Please help!

I've mention Wincon before. How awesome it is. How much I love it. How much it's changed my life. Now, it's crunch time. The time to act is now. As of the moment I send this, we have 34 hours left before the deadline, and we are less than 3k away from making goal - if we make it, Wincon 2015 is a go, and we'll be on our way to many more awesome years. If we don't make goal, then all donations are refunded and Wincon is cancelled forever. Wincon as a convention has reached a crossroads. It's been around for nine years and has become known as both an eclectic group from various backgrounds and fandoms, as well as a safe space for fans to express themselves and their fannish passions. But it's expensive to run a small con, and in order to remain financially stable for next year (nobody wants to be the repeat of Dashcon), we're making sure we have enough attendees and money to run the convention in advance. Please, if you can, purchase a registration or one of the many awesome perks that we have for sale. If you can't donate, please spread the word, and reblog Wincon on Tumblr/Facebook/Twitter/wherever else you can. We're so close to goal. Please help us keep Wincon alive. Thank you so much for your time. Donate on our Indiegogo page: Website: Twitter: Tumblr: Fanlore: