Friday, November 21, 2014

5 Fandom Friday: Characters I’d Invite to a Thanksgiving Feast.

This weeks 5 Fandom Friday prompt is: Characters I’d Invite to a Thanksgiving Feast.

It's my first 5 Fandom Friday, and I'll admit that I'm a bit nervous. I drew a bit of a blank at the beginning, but now that I've read a few other people's lists, I've finally been able to narrow down a group. For me, Thanksgiving is all about the feeling of family - whether or not they're blood relations, you should be able to spend the time with close friends who make you feel relaxed and welcomed.

1) Sam Winchester (Supernatural). Poor Sammy. So many people want to feed Dean pie on Thanksgiving, and Sammy gets overlooked a bit. But he's my favorite, so I can't resist. And Sam never got a Mom-cooked Thanksgiving meal, so I'd want to do the best I could to rectify that with all the recipes that have been handed down to me from my mom and grandmothers.

2) Iolaus (Young Hercules). You really didn't think I'd get through any list without someone from YH, did you? While he's no great chef, Iolaus would still be willing to cut up some vegis, and he'd be a pro at carrying dishes from the kitchen to the table. Plus, I'm sure he'd eat enough that I won't have to worry about too many leftovers! (as long as I don't force him to eat asparagus ^_~)

3) Parker, Hardison, and Eliot (Leverage). I can't choose just one of these guys, they all come in a unit and refuse to be separated. Like Sam above, I don't know if Parker's had a real Thanksgiving feast before, and I want to give her that. Eliot can help me in the kitchen (or, more accurately, Eliot can take over the kitchen while I watch in awe and a little bit of lust), and Hardison can be in charge of the ambient music and keeping conversation going when I run out of small talk.

4) Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon). My favorite Sailor Scout, and another great hand in the kitchen! We've got a lot of big appetites to fill and a lot of childhood memories to make up for, and I think Makoto would fit right in. Plus, with her parents passed away and her friends probably spending their holidays with their families, she'd fit right in with all the other orphans and semi-orphans at my gathering.

5) Claudia Donovan (Warehouse 13). You know, when I started this list, I wasn't really intending for it to be a gathering of "My Parents Are Dead And/Or Estrangled", but you know, why not roll with the theme? :D Rounding off my gathering is Claudia, who can keep the techie conversation going with Hardison and Sam, and can probably find some random awesome topics to talk about with Makoto and Parker.

So, there ya go! I think my Thanksgiving is going to be full of good food and lots of geeky chatter! :D

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  1. Parker, Hardison and Eliot would make a memorable Thanksgiving trio.

  2. It doesn't happen to often that I find other LEverage fans. Yea! I think I would love to just join the team for their Thanksgiving!